Sunday, April 10, 2005

(c) Roger Leo

Spc. Skyler M. Koch of Syracuse, N.Y., left, and Sgt. Steve Young of Cooperstown, N.Y., tell a fellow 1st Cavalry Division trooper about an ambush in which their trucks were hit by RPGs -- rocket-propelled grenades -- at this spot in September. Koch, driver of one of three Humvees attacked by RPGs and AK47 fire that night, lowered his window and fired back with his M16 with one hand while steering his truck with the other. Two rockets hit his truck, and an AK47 round came through the window, missing him, the gunner and a passenger in the back. Young commanded the lead truck, hit by RPGs and AK47 rounds, which shredded the left rear tire and severed a hydraulic line. Spc. Andre M. Glaze of Sheboygan, Mich., was gunner in Koch's truck. Koch, Young and Glaze attended the wedding of their platoon leader, Lt. Derek Ping of Alvin, Texas, at West Point on Friday April 8. Ping was in command of Koch's truck -- and the patrol -- the night of the ambush.


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