Friday, February 11, 2005

(c) Roger Leo

Staff Sgt. Rene M. Maldonado of San Antonio, Texas, with the Scouts of Dawg/HHC Co. 1-8 Cav. shows digital pictures to Iraqi boys he just photographed. Soldiers and kids make friends around the world. Why is that? The Scouts were on patrol to prevent rocket fire into the International Zone -- or Green Zone as people still call it -- where government and foreign business activity is based. (Why change the name? If one place is green, the rest must be red, right?) On their way back to Forward Operating Base Falcon, the soldiers passed one bombing scene which still smoldered, and talked about another bombing earlier in the day that hit a Humvee of Alpha Co. 1-8, damaging the vehicle but not badly injuring the soldiers inside.


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