Monday, February 21, 2005

(c) Roger Leo

Sgt. Michael J. Nashif Jr., 27, of Newberg, Ore. found this 200-lb. bomb during a search Saturday for weapons caches. "I was walking up a little spider trail like this one," Sgt. Nashif said, pointing to a side track off a beaten-down path through the reeds, "and found it." The bomb was old, rusty and unimpressive looking. But when EOD ... the bomb squad ... came and blew it up, the explosion was loud and powerful.


Blogger sonya natasha said...

Hello Mr. Leo, I am a photojournalist at The Dallas Morning News and I'm doing a video story on Mike Nashif. I found this photo on line of him on your blog. I'm writing to request using it in the video? Would you allow that?

Many thanks
Sonya Hebert

2:22 PM  

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