Thursday, February 17, 2005

(c) Roger Leo

A trooper from 1-8 Cav stands in the blast hole left by a bomb -- an improvised explosive device, or IED -- set off at the side of a secondary road in Baghdad Wednesday night. The force of the blast, which hit a patrol of uparmored 1114 Humvees, sent the closest truck crashing off the road and through a cement block wall. Three soldiers were injured -- not severely -- and were taken to a hospital -- the CSH, or Combat Surgical Hospital --. in the Green Zone. IEDs and car bombs -- vehicle borne improvised explosive devices, or VBIEDs -- are the most deadly weapons used by the Iraqi insurgents against U.S. troops, other coalition forces, and Iraqi security forces. Since the war began in 2003, more than 1,450 American soldiers have been killed.


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